WHO Needs our Game Localization Services?

It’s a fundamental part of the whole process. You are not in a place where you can only develop your game in the language you speak. This won’t make it a successful investment. Many need our game localization services, including

Game developers

You can’t just ignore the fact that it’s the key to make your product reach a worldwide audience. Game developers should know the importance of making everyone go through the same experience and have fun regardless of the country and culture

Game sellers

They just know how it’s done, and that the more languages it’s translated into, the more it’s sold. It’s as simple as that


It’s bad hearing about a game going viral but you can’t try it yourself because it’s not available in the language you speak! Won’t you feel left out? Even players desperately need and ask for these services!


They always aim at knowing their audience best. Therefore, to be able to know what words to use and how to use them, they need to know what game players are liking more. So, marketers will come up with great ideas that are related to this field


Designers and brand owners need to know all about their target audiences’ preferences. They can make use of the game localization servicesfor them to know what this specific category of people likes, and what they find inspiring. So, game localization serviceshelp them spill all the tea!


Researchers who wish to know more about this industry, will definitely need game localization service. They need to understand the game and how it works in order to collect as much information as possible.

WHY Does Anyone Need Our Game Localization Services?

It’s really important to localize your games because that’s simply the sole way for it to be known and played around the whole world. Not all countries have good game developers, and these countries can’t be left with nothing. Every game should in a way be adapted to as many countries and cultures as possible. Or else, well let’s face it, you can’t consider it a successful game since it reached a very limited audience. And to be completely honest with you, that’s not how success is measured anymore. Well we’re sorry, but someone had to say it!
You can’t be outdated! You have to stay on the right track. This world has no room for individuals who just aren’t on the same page. We will discuss this further by telling you why you or anyone else might need our game localization services

So the next time you doubt the reasons why someone would need the game localization services, just read this!

WHO Are our Game Localizers?

At Leaders, we do it differently. We choose our translators and localizers based on a specific criteria. We’ll share the conditions with you:


It’s very important that game localizers be up-to-date. They should know all related games and concepts, to know how to localize it accurately.


They know how to deal with customers. They listen to them, and then complete the game localizationtask in the exact same way the customer wants. It’s all about your needs and demands!

Know the cultures

Their knowledge transcends the language and the grammar of the target audience. They know all about the country of the language they are translating into, and that includes the cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and preferences. They know how to adapt the content in a way that sounds appealing and relatable.

HOW Does the Game Localization Work?

The whole process consists of steps in order to guarantee an exceptional outcome. Here is how it works:





Take a look

We start by taking a look at the content, and if need be, try the game ourselves to know how to handle it correctly.

Assign the task

We assign the game localizationtask to the qualified localizer who already has a similar experience, and whom we trust blindly.

Quality assurance

At Leaders company, we have a professional team of proofreaders who make sure everything is in the right place




Remain available

If you think that after delivering the content we consider that our job is done, you are mistaken! We remain available for any questions and concerns after delivering your piece of art!


And finally, we deliver it on time, because we know how tight deadlines could be.

Try the game

We try the game ourselves to guarantee that it’s functional and that everything in it is natural and doesn’t sound like it’s translated

You might ask yourself the following question: With many game localizationwebsites,firms, offices, and specialists, what makes Leaders company the right choice? We don’t like to brag, but we really have the dream team! We can translate gameson any software, on any day, at any time! That’s not all, we are the perfect choice because of the following reasons:


It takes a professional translator and localizer to successfully handle game localization tasks. He/she should have deep knowledge of both the source and the target audience. The concerned localizer should pay close attention to details such as names, events, places, and tools. This is only possible if it were done by an experienced and qualified localizer who knows how to make the audience relate and play the game more. For example, in countries where there are conflicts and war, a smart localizer should know how to deal with such a situation in a way that doesn’t sound offensive to users, or else, the game would be a failure.

Game localization has many benefits since it helps in increasing the number of players and users. Game localizers avoid using terms, names, themes, and even logos that might be unacceptable in the target country. It might add or omit features and options, which will result in even more audiences who will be able to relate and enjoy the game. It definitely leads to more downloads if done correctly, and it can become everyone’s favorite since localized games hardly ever include words, names, themes, or even logos that might be offensive and not adapted to the target audience.

Everything should be localized in a game. This includes names of the characters, locations, songs, themes, logos, designs, written content, colors, dates, clothes, options, features, etc.

Game localization is the adaptation of a game to the target audience. The adaptation process typically includes content that is suitable for the target audience, makes sense, and is relatable. Games are usually localized in a way to suit the interests and the preferences of the target audience.