We Will Elaborate More About Some of Our
Translated Official Documents

Certificates Translation

It’s the translation of any certificate that might be handy if you were applying for colleges, internships, or jobs abroad. The most common certificate translation is birth certificate translation. It’s the translation of the individual’s birth certificate that can be required, especially if you’re an immigrant, to identify you as an individual in the new country. There is also the translation of marriage certificateswhich is also very common, and this is usually required for official situations, to know the marital status of the person. Plus, there are death certificatesand college certificates that are also commonly translated.

Reports Translation

It is used in various fields and the purposes might differ. Some examples of report translationwe provide: medical reports, proposal reports, expense reports, and the list goes on.

Certified Official Documents Translation

In this service, the translator must translate word-for-word, and not only the meaning as it is done in other fields. The translator shall not interpret the hidden meanings and connotations of the words and terms. The translator has to ratify the documents once finished, that’s for the receiver to make sure that all the information were accurate and correctly translated.

Contracts Translation

It’s the translation of all kinds of contracts from one language into another. The translator handling this task should be well experienced, and having a legal background is a plus, as some of the terminology might be very technical, and the meaning can be difficult to understand for anyone who doesn’t have any related experience. The contract should as well be ratified by the translator. Examples of what contracts could be: business contracts, lease contracts, fixed-price contracts, cost-reimbursement contracts, cost-plus contracts, bilateral contracts, incentive contracts, indefinite delivery & quantity contracts, and the list goes on

WHY Do People Need Official Documents Translation?

For various reasons, people might need this service to be done quickly and with no errors. It is one of the services that people ask for on short notice, and for that, certified translatorsshould be totally prepared and know how to manage their time. Or at least, that’s how certified translatorsat Leaders do it!Some of the reasons why people need Official Documents Translation Services are:

We can ramble on for pages about the cases where people might need Official Documents Translation Services,but we’ll stick to those, and let you discover the rest of our Official Documents Services at Leaders.

Who Needs Our Official Documents
Translation Services?


If they wish to pursue their studies abroad, whether for a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or even a higher education such as PHD (Examples of documents they might need to translate into the other language: academic transcripts, IDs, certificates, students enrollment certificate, clearance certificate, certificate of good conduct, etc).


If they want to translate tax files and certificates related to their jobs for various reasons such as if they wanted to apply for other jobs abroad they might need to translate the following: experience certificate, bank statements, certificate of good conduct, medical clearance, etc.

Asylum seekers

If they wish to become residents with actual translated papers such as IDs, birth certificates, driving license translation and more.


If they want to get medical help abroad, they need a translation of medical reports, medical history, diagnostic reports, or proof of sickness, in a way that is accurate and correct, because every detail is important.
So, as you can see, nearly everyone needs Official Documents Translation Services at least once in their lifetime, so if you thought that you might never need one, we suggest you think twice!

WHO Are Our Certified Translators?

Our certified translators are definitely the best ones in the business. They are professional, passionate and accredited translators who are always eager to work on any forms of official documents because they love what they do. And let us tell you something, they are really good at what they do!


it’s not an easy task, nor an easy field. But our technical translatorsdon’t seem to go through a lot while working. Or at least, that’s what they show us! Our professional team of technical translatorsalways work hard and never give up. They aim at producing high-quality translations while always reflecting to us their passion for what they do!


In no time, our technical translatorsare capable of providing a high-end technical translationthat can’t be easily found someplace else. So in addition to being hard workers, they leave no room for delays.


Our technical translatorsare all specialists who work within their fields of expertise. No one is ever assigned a task that he/she can’t complete with flying colors. So after handing us your project, you can easily take a long nap, and we’ll wake you up when it’s finished

HOWDoes it Work?

The steps we take to ensure an accurate official translation are as follows:





Receive the task

After receiving the translation task, we evaluate and go through the document to know to whom to assign it to.

Assign the task

We assign the task to the certified translators who already have a related experience and the ones we’re sure that they can complete it successfully.


The work begins and our team of professional translators start working on the task.





We are always available to answer any of your questions and concerns related to our work.


We deliver the translated document on time, as agreed.


Our professional team of proofreaders makes sure that the translation is accurate and ensures that the quality is as expected.

Our professional translators team at Leaders know how to manage their time and tasks, so once you hand us over your projects, you have nothing left to worry about, as we will take care of everything!

The difference between our translation company and other translation companies is quite simple, let’s explain to you the reasons:

Curious about our official document translation services? Find all your answers here!

You can contact us for more information about the service; our prices, the time it will take, and to ask about the person who will be in charge. Also, you can contact us while we are working on your project to make sure that everything is on the right track, to add a demand, or simply to check on how things are going.

You can contact us whenever you feel like it. Whether you choose to call us, send us an email, or fill out our form, we are available all day, every day. Our customer service includes 24/7 availability to ensure great communication between you and us.

Once you reach out to us, we get back to you within an hour. We always put our clients’ interests first, and for that reason, we make sure to get back to you shortly after reaching out to us.

There are many consequences of not localizing an application. The target audience might not be able to relate to the application and the content and the whole purpose of the application might just not be interesting for them. Also, not localizing an application can create conflicts if there are taboo topics or content or if there are words and expressions that shouldn’t be used. In addition to that, the application can be a failure since the target audience won’t be interested in downloading it or using it, because it isn’t appealing or even needed in their country or culture.