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How Do I Translate My Birth Certificate to English

Official Document Translation Meaning

When it comes to official document translation, one can never overlook the importance of it being one hundred percent flawless. Document translation typically means the process of converting a document from one language into another, all while keeping the information as is, especially in terms of specific numbers and dates.

Document translation can come in a lot of types; it can be a birth certificate, a death certificate, an identification, a driving license, a marriage certificate, a degree, and the list goes on. What is important to mention when it comes to document translation is that it must always be done by professionals, as only they can ensure you get the accurate translation you are seeking. 

That being said, document translation is all about delivering the exact same information in another language. That is why it is better to refer to experts who are keen to offer you the professional document translation service you need. 

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Birth Certificate Translation Meaning

A birth certificate is the document your parents receive when you are born. It includes your first name, last name, birth date, nationality, status, and other details. It is used for many reasons and you might find yourself needing it for so many official papers and procedures.

Since it is relatively important in nearly all countries, you might need to translate your birth certificate from one language into another if you were traveling for example. That is why it falls under the category of official document translation since all the information must be one hundred percent accurate and it is used for official purposes. 

Birth certificates can be used for so many reasons such as applying for a passport, enrolling your child in a school, for employment, obtaining a driver’s license, and many other reasons. That is why it is indeed one of the most important official documents one can have.

That being said, to receive document translation services, you will need to refer to professional document translation providers, and in many cases, the needed document translation services will include translating your birth certificate. 

It is important to mention that without the world being so involved in the English language, you will need to use your translated birth certificate (into English) at least once. 

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Who Can Translate My Birth Certificate Into English?

Now that we have established the meaning of document translation, birth certificate, and birth certificate importance, it’s about time we go into details about the birth certificate translation. 

While official document translation must always be done by experts, birth certificate translation is no exception. Not to mention that translators must include their signature and their certification, for it to be recognized. That is why official document translation needs to be handled by certified legal document translation experts who are able to provide you with what you need.

Certified translators can either work independently or you can refer to an agency that offers certified document translation services. Better yet, you are always advised to refer to a professional translation company, that translated into English, since companies are always way more professional, and they even follow rigorous steps to ensure you are offered the quality you came for. Not to mention that companies that provide the document translation services you need are more often than not recognized in all areas of the world. 

And no, you obviously cannot refer to a translator who is not certified, if you want to use the document translation for official and legal purposes, as it will never be recognized, because it lacks a signature and a certification that proves that the translation is one hundred percent accurate. 

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What Are the Birth Certificate Translation Steps?

If you were wondering about the document translation process, or more specifically, the birth certificate translation process in a professional company, then here are the steps:

  • Receives the document

    • First things first, the company receives your document that needs to be translated, along with your name and your phone number. 

  • Gives the document a first read

    • Second, the person in charge starts by reading the document to identify the document type and the information provided. Also, the source language is assessed and the target language is taken into account.

  • Assign the document to the right certified translator

    • While some document translation services can be done by a machine, it is definitely not the go-to option if you hand over your document to a professional company, as your document will be assigned to a translator who is fluent both in the source language of the document and the target language.

  • Start with the document translation process

    • After assigning the task to the right translator, the document translation process starts. Vigilantly, the certified translator is keen to accurately convert all the information from the source language into the target language. 

  • Personal proofreading

    • Once done with the document translation, the certified translator proofreads the final outcome and makes sure that all information is accurate. 

  • Proofreading by a native English-speaking proofreader

    • This is an additional step that only professional companies provide. A professional translation company never relies solely on the proofreading of the translator, as having a second party proofread the final outcome is always better. That is why, proofreaders, who only handle tasks related to reviewing the translation and ensuring the translation is one hundred percent accurate, must always go over the document translation one last time. They must ensure that there are no typos, punctuation is on “point”, numbers and dates are accurate, and all details are correct.

  • Handover

    • After everything is finalized, your document translation is sent to you, right on time. 

  • Available for modifications

    • Also, another step that many mediocre companies and agencies overlook; is being available for modifications. Once everything is said and done, professional document translation providers stay available for any modifications or edits. 

The Road to Professional Translation: Translation Methods

Importance of Birth Certificate Translation

Official document translation, especially birth certificate translation is very important for so many reasons, and many individuals might need it at least once in their lifetime.

As we can all see, our fast-paced world is making everyone do things for the first time. This means that people find themselves needing professional translators every now and then, especially if they travel a lot. With international companies spreading across all areas in the world, remote job opportunities, and even on-site jobs that require employees to move into a totally different country, official document translation has become mandatory. 

That being said, here are some benefits of document translation services, such as birth certificate translation:

  • Easier traveling process 

  • Allows you to enroll your child in foreign schools 

  • Allows you to obtain a driving license abroad

  • Official document translation recognized all over the world (if handled by a professional translation company)

  • Works as an identification paper since it shows your full name, birth date, nationality, and every other important detail 

  • Allows you to obtain a visa or residency 

  • Streamlines the immigration process 

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Should My Birth Certificate Translation Be Accurate?

Not only your birth certificate and document translation but also every other content. When it comes to translation, it must always be one hundred percent accurate, or else, you could have just saved yourself some time and money and put the document on Google Translate. 

Document translation should never even contain one minor mistake, let alone birth certificate translation. 

Usually, official document translation is all about sensitive information, big numbers, specific dates, and important details. This must be conveyed as is, without changing anything. That is why it is better to have your document translation handled by a professional translation company. Since the document translation will go through many steps to ensure a flawless outcome. 

As mentioned earlier, the document translation task will be given to the certified expert who can handle it, and the proofreading process makes everything much safer, as proofreaders are able to spot all minor mistakes. 

Perfecting the Art: Qualifications for Professional Proofreader

Can I Translate My Birth Certificate Into English Myself if I Speak English?

Well, everyone can translate anything. But that is not what matters, as the important thing is to have the accurate outcome you need. Even licensed translators might provide you with a wrong, inaccurate document translation service. The document translation process is not as simple as everyone might think. And no, it is not a walk in the park. 

Therefore, you can translate your own documents, but you can never use them for official purposes, and they can never be a reference since they will definitely contain mistakes that only professional translators can avoid.

Not only that, but to translate your birth certificate, you will need a certified translator to sign the document translation and to do the necessary, for it to be recognized worldwide. 

On a side note, even professionally developed translation software will need a proofreader to make sure that the translation does not contain minor or major errors. This means that not even AI can replace translators, especially when it comes to official document translation services. 

Unlocking the Path to Certification: Becoming a Translator in the UAE

Why Choose a Professional Translation Company for Official Document Translation?

For official document translation, and for any other paper, you need a professional translation company for the following reasons:

  • Accurate document translation services

  • Document translation recognized worldwide

  • Fast document translation services

  • Ability to sign the document translation and do the necessary 

  • Proven experience in official document translation

  • Reliability in terms of payments and document translation services

  • The proofreading process can never be overlooked

  • Professional document translation services and assistance 

  • Avoiding committing minor errors and mistakes

  • Availability to make the necessary amendments to the document translation after completion

  • Reasonable prices

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What to Look for in a Translation Company for Document Translation?

If you need document translation services to translate your birth certificate, there are specific criteria you need to take into consideration before choosing the translation company. 

What to look for in a translation company for document translation services:

  • Proven years of experience in the official document translation field

  • Certification and ability to sign the document translation and do the necessary

  • Previous satisfied clients 

  • Recognition in the country of origin and in all other countries 

  • Ability to meet tight deadlines and finish the document translation on time

  • Responsiveness, as nothing can affect the document translation service like bad communication and an unresponsive team

  • Reputation 

  • Reliability 

  • Up-to-date

  • Reasonable prices

  • Language pairs

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In Conclusion 

To sum it up, document translation is very much needed in our fast-paced world, as most individuals are moving into different continents and areas, and more often than not, official document translation, especially the translation of birth certificates, is necessary. What is also mandatory is referring to a professional, certified translation company that is keen to offer you the high-quality official document translation services you need. 

Some of our translation services:

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