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There are many consequences of not localizing an application. The target audience might not be able to relate to the application and the content and the whole purpose of the application might just not be interesting for them. Also, not localizing an application can create conflicts if there are taboo topics or content or if there are words and expressions that shouldn’t be used. In addition to that, the application can be a failure since the target audience won’t be interested in downloading it or using it, because it isn’t appealing or even needed in their country or culture.

To be a successful apps localizer, one should first be a translator who is fluent in both the source and the target language. Also, the apps localizer should know the source and the target audience very well; from culture to taboo topics, history, interests, preferences, etc. This allows the concerned localizer to deliver professional outcomes. Last but not least, the apps localizer should know how to properly conduct research when it’s needed.

If you only translate your application, you will be jeopardizing a lot. Here are some of the benefits of apps localization: First, a localized application is more likely to be a success in the country of the target audience, since the adapted content and options are useful and relatable. Second, you will be guaranteeing that the application will be accepted in the community and used by many. Third, you will help the target audience understand the purpose of the application and there will be no strange words that aren’t used anymore or even features that the target audience won’t need.