WHO Needs Our Video Transcription Services?

Some of you might not understand the importance of our video transcription services. However, we assure you that these services are so underrated, and that you indirectly need them so badly while watching any video, even if it’s in your native language. We’ll elaborate more about these specific services we have, and we’ll tell you who needs them:

Language learners

What’s the most cliche sentence you hear when you tell someone that you want to learn a new language? Yeah, we know it: You should watch videos and movies in this language. However, no one mentions the importance of reading what you’re hearing at the same time. It comes in handy when you aim at learning how to speak, as well as to write in this new language. This helps you know how the words are written, and will help you understand what is being said more. We know how slowly a person can start, you’ll need to focus more on what is written, to learn it faster. Don’t tell us that you didn’t know that!

Loud noises

Some people tend to watch specific videos for specific purposes in a crowded environment. How will they be able to watch and listen at the same time if the people around them are too loud, or if there’s music, or any other noise? It’s almost impossible! Now you can suggest waiting for the environment to be calmer, but how do you knowwhen it will actually become calmer? Why bother waiting, and wasting your time when you can read the video transcription?


Of course they can listen and translate what they hear into another language, but that might take some extra time. Translators can also benefit from a transcribed video, because this will spare them time and effort. So yeah, even translators can make use of video transcription services! See how important transcribing a video to textis?Why Do You Need Our Video Transcription Services? (H2)Well, because they simply make your life a lot better! In the era of electronics, videos, and digital contents, our video transcription servicesare here to make your life easier. Here’s why speech to text video transcriptionis so underrated:Case 1(H3): Being deaf shouldn’t keep anyone from succeeding in life. It shouldn’t be a barrier. Deaf people, just like the ones who are able to hear, should have the right to stay up-to-date and keep up with the world and the

Deaf people

Who says that deaf people can’t enjoy watching videos? We’re in the 20th century, so we think that such cases don’t deserve to miss out on the beauty of the creators in this universe. Our video transcription servicesenhance the experience for the deaf people,since they will be able to watch and read at the same time. Therefore, they’ll feel that they’re catching up on what’s going on around them in the world.


Some of us might inherit hearing problems from our ancestors. How angry would you feel if you could never manage to understand a video because of your hearing problems? You shouldn’t be punished for that, you should learn how to live with it, and use alternatives such as video transcription servicesthat will help you stay on the right track. How different will your life be if you could actually read the words and understand the meaning of the video? We’ll leave with this question to think about.

Non-native speakers

Even if you think that you are fluent in the foreign language, you can never manage to understand every single word that is being said. Some words might be new, and you could benefit from reading them because you might now understand the accent, or because the speaker is speaking fast. Some languages in some countries are spoken fast, and only a native speaker can understand everything, without any confusion, that’s why you will need our speech to text video transcription serviceto help you understandthe videos spoken in other languages.

WHY Do You Need Our Video Transcription Services?

Well, because they simply make your life a lot better! In the era of electronics, videos, and digital contents, our video transcription services are here to make your life easier. Here’s why speech to text video transcription is so underrated:

WHO are our video transcribers?

Our video transcribers are individuals who can handle any task related to video transcription, and in any field. They all meet the below criteria:


They are professional linguists who know everything about grammar, spelling, and structure. So you can make sure that this flawless outcome will teach everyone how to write in a correct, error-free way.


They work fast to meet the deadlines. Don’t get us wrong, they are fast by nature. No, they don’t overwhelm themselves to finish fast. It’s just a characteristic of theirs that is beneficial for you.

Well trained

Thanks to our professional transcribers from around the world, each accent has a linguist who can take care of the task in an excellent way.

HOW Our Video Transcription Service Work?

The process is a result of a thorough study and plan we always set before starting. This plan is as follows:





Watching the video

We start by watching the video and select possible candidates who are experienced in the context of the content.

Assigning the task

We choose the right lega translator team whose knowledge and experience can come in handy in such contents.

Transcribing a video to text

OThen, the selected candidate starts transcribing the video by keeping in mind the deadline.





We remain available for any questions and concerns about your project.


Last but not least, we deliver the work on time, after having carefully worked on it.

Watching the final product

After successfully transcribing the video, we watch it to make sure that everything is up to scratch.

We don’t really like to brag, but we have video specialists who are expert and professional video transcribers, and once they receive your project, they guarantee unmatched results. Here are some more of our special features:
We work with over 170 languages. Including Arabic, English, French, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Urdu, Hebrew, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and more.


Still curious? Read along!

People might need to transcribe all types of videos for different reasons. It could be a conference, an ad, a project, a documentary, a lecture, a tutorial, multimedia videos, webinars, case study videos, explainer videos, interviews, etc.

To transcribe a video, the person in charge should have some specific qualifications to be able to deliver a professional and high-quality outcome. First, transcriptionists should be linguists who are able to write correctly without any mistakes related to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. They should also be able to pay close attention to what is said and they should be able to identify new words and understand different accents. Not to mention that they should be computer literate and they should know how to use software and the computer to be able to properly transcribe your video.

Video transcription has many benefits. It can, first of all, assist the deaf and people with hearing problems in understanding what is said in the video. It can also help language learners since they can not always understand what is said, but if they read at the same time, they might be able to learn new words and their spelling. Also, it is very useful for people who have a hard time following a long video, or even a short one. Video transcription offers additional support, and everyone tends to use it.

Video transcription is the process of transforming the audible content of a video to written content that can be easily read by viewers. Clients have the choice between verbatim, edited, and intelligent transcription, based on their needs and purpose.