WHO Needs our Technical Translation Services?

All companies and industries who wish to expand their business need technical translation services. Technical translation aims at conveying the meaning of the content in a precise and adequate way. Take a look at who might need our technical translation services:

Healthcare specialists

If they want to use a specific machine but theydon’t understand the language of the manual or catalog. They will need to translate it if there is no translation available, to use it properly, because a single mistake could lead to catastrophic ends!


Academic doctors who wish to translate the course material into another language. Whether in the major of engineering, medicine, IT, or more, doctors will need to refer to technical translation servicesto ensure a faithful translation of scientific and technical texts.


They need a precise technical translationto know how to use the products or items they are working on. This calls for technical manual translationservices, or else they will get into a lot of trouble which might result in lawsuits. And this means wasting time in getting them translated once again. They see that the third time’s a charm, you know?


if they need to produce a user manual or guide to accompany their products. They will need us to translate technical manualsand provide them with a distinctive technical documents translation, so that people who speak other languages benefit from it.

Software companies

If they wish to work on an international level, then the sole way is to make use of our technical translation services. We guarantee a straightforward technical words translationthat can convey the exact meaning.

Scientific researchers

Researchers who tend to gather as much information as they can from all available sources that are related to their field of research. They will need scientific translation servicesto complete their research adequately.

Purpose of Technical Translation Services

Nowadays, products are marketed to more expansive audiences than ever before. The need for technical translation continues to grow in the modern marketplace. Almost every company, organization, and industry requires technical documentation in one form or another. Professional technical translation is here to make sure that the company is reaching the audience it wants, but that is only doable if professionals took care of it.
You might be wondering why anyone would need the technical and scientific services. Well, we’re sorry it got this far, we will take care of the rest. All you have to do is keep reading:

WHO Are Our Technical Translators?

The wait is finally over! If you want to discover our hidden talents, then keep on reading to see how they look like, and try to imagine the shape of their brains:

Hard workers

it’s not an easy task, nor an easy field. But our technical translatorsdon’t seem to go through a lot while working. Or at least, that’s what they show us! Our professional team of technical translatorsalways work hard and never give up. They aim at producing high-quality translations while always reflecting to us their passion for what they do!


In no time, our technical translatorsare capable of providing a high-end technical translationthat can’t be easily found someplace else. So in addition to being hard workers, they leave no room for delays.


Our technical translatorsare all specialists who work within their fields of expertise. No one is ever assigned a task that he/she can’t complete with flying colors. So after handing us your project, you can easily take a long nap, and we’ll wake you up when it’s finished

HOW Does Our Technical Translation Work?

Our way!
You guessed it right. We are unique in everything that we do, even with the way we proceed. Here’s a quick sneak peek into what a normal task looks like at Leaders:






We first receive the project.


We send you a quote.

Take a look

We then take a look at the content to decide
the perfect fit for the task.





We remain available for any further
questions and concerns.


We deliver the work of art. On time.


We make sure that everything is accurate and
correct. Thanks to our professional team of proofreaders.

It’s not you, it’s US
We are a top-notch translation company that aims at being the best in the business. It’s US vs US! That’s our biggest challenge. For that reason, we constantly work on ourselves to be the best at everything. What makes us so special is the following:

Curious about our technical translation services? Find the answer to your question here!

We are proud to say that we have a fleet of translators from different backgrounds serving as pioneers in whatever field our clients require translations in. We will always assign translators and proofreaders from common backgrounds in the field of translation, which is what sets us apart from other translation companies in the market.

The complex process of technical translation at Leaders varies based on the field of technical translation which includes assigning a translator with experience in the required field, or the closest related field to it, you may rest assured that the quality you are getting for your technical translation, is worth every penny of our market alike pricing.

Scientific and Technical Translation focuses on texts that are commonly translated in the scientific and technical domains, such as technical instructions, data sheets and brochures, patents, scientific research articles and abstracts, popular science press releases, and news reports.

We offer our clients translations in multiple fields such as: Information Technology Manufacturing Legal Engineering Chemistry Physics Computer sciences Check out our technical translation services.