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Patients might wish to translate medical reports from English to Arabic or into any other language for various reasons such as seeking overseas healthcare services, visa application abroad or even overseas job application. Leaders supplies the best professional medical records translation services providing quality insurance NDAs protecting the clients’ welfare.

BioTech Labs

Medical translation of laboratory scientific analysis is normally sought in order to obtain certified medical document translation services for the purpose of fulfilling a premium multilingual communication between healthcare entities. Healthcare sector establishments are interconnected through a never ending cycle as laboratories provide medical reports to patients who seek medical treatment in Hospitals, which might refer back to clinical trials conducted by medical or scientific research firms, and so on and so forth. Leaders provides the most accurate medical translation service fitting every core purpose of each of the entities listed above.

Medical Websites

Lifestyle digital content has witnessed an unmatched first during the last few years considering the latest pandemic, during which medical inquiries were sought through digital websites. Easily obtained medical and scientific information are obviously published through the internet, making medical websites the first destination for information seekers. Medical translation services for digital websites such as newsletters, blogs and medical articles are vital since users around the globe speak different languages with one common goal: obtaining accurately translated medical information about their questions, concerns and demands. Ensuring consistent professional medical translation services in over 170 languages, Leaders undoubtedly possesses the best qualifications whether through the expertise of our experienced translators or the professionalism of our services, we are 100% able to translate medical terms and content.


Hospital reports convey critical information about procedures, patient statuses and wide scale crisis management such as pandemics or epidemics to government entities. Therefore, medical translation can be of use to hospitals at a primary level since overseas healthcare services are requested now more than ever. As the first sought out healthcare establishment worldwide, hospitals are primary providers of medical documents to the whole healthcare sector, ultimately making them the most important recipients of medical translation services.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Drug manufacturers might as well be first hand recipients of medical translation services since their primary work revolves around supplying drugs with package inserts which contain information about the drug and its use for patients. In order to achieve a fast internationalization of drug development technologies, a very competitive market to say the least, pharmaceutical translation services benefit pharmaceutical companies in elevating their drug outcome assessments and protocols to a whole new professional level.

Scientific Research Firms

We’ve all heard about clinical trials and how they form the basis of scientific research provided by scientific research firms. Medical translation services will surely come in handy to these firms if they wish to take their research or medical analysis to an international level leading them to undeniably reach a wider audience of investors, providers and supporting entities. Gaining visibility amongst worldwide scientific research firms is the primary goal of such firms. With Leaders, exposure and reach are more than attainable.

Medical Translation Services Assets

Linguistic Accuracy

Linguistic accuracy in medical or scientific translation services are not only absolutely imperative, but also an unparalleled representation of the company’s competence in maintaining a consistent, professional and thorough service to its clients. Quality translation in the medical field requires expert knowledge and we are more than confident in our exquisite service provided by elite medical translators chosen specifically according to their linguistic qualifications and medical background in order to ensure the most accurate copies of medical translations.

Research Based Medical Terminology

Providing well researched medical terms fitting the context of the content provided by clients is our main focus when it comes to medical translation services. Scientific terminology is as wide as the healthcare field itself, therefore, conducting a unique research specifically tailored to fit the document’s requirements is the first step Leaders’ translators implement prior to the translating process itself. Staying true to the medical purpose of the copy is vital for the supplier as it is for us, the number one provider of certified medical translation services in the region.

Fast Medical Translation, On Demand!

Deadlines are no issue to our medical translators! Set your deadline, provide the documents and expect one of the fastest most accurate medical translation service out there. Our number one driver is customer satisfaction. For that sole purpose, we describe our medical translation as one of the most impeccable services amongst our competitors, minding the fast delivery rate and professional accuracy of our team of human native speaking translators, providing you with translations into over 170 languages in no time!

WHO Are Our Medical Translators?

Our medical translators are more than equipped to translate medical reports and medical records with great accuracy. We choose our medical translators according to the criterias below:


Authorized medical translatorswho can handle any sort of medical documentsyou supply.


alented medical translatorswho leave no room for random mistakes, delivering your work with the greatest attention to details and highly skilled in time management.

Possessing a Medical Background

All our medical translatorsare knowledgeable in all the medical fields that might cross your mind.
We are proud to be intrusting our medical translators with our translation company values to deliver our uniquely accurate medical translation services!

HOW does the medical translation work at Leaders

Become an Insider…

Leaders Translation Company’s team of medical translators possesses unparalleled expertise in medical law and related fields. Our aim is to communicate the meaning of the source language content as precisely as we can into the target language of your choice. We make sure to stay true to the source document while maintaining the clarity of the information.

Here is a glimpse into our medical translation service process:

Our team has got what it takes to take care of any media content, as follows:





Receive the Document

We receive the project and run thorough
studies and research on it.

Assign the Task

We choose the right medical translators
team whose knowledge and expertise best
serves the objective of the content.

Detail a Plan

Our team develops a well thought out plan
in order to ensure your satisfaction.





On time and error-free!

Proofread the Final Version

Proofreading is the cherry on top! In order to
deliver to you a flawless copy highlighting our
best professional skills.

Translate the Document

Our team of professionals kickstarts working on
translating your project in conformity with your
special demands and requests.

Our professional translators at Leaders mastered time and task management, therefore, you can rest assured that your set deadlines will be met.

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Medical translation is the process of translating documents that are mainly of medical terminologies. The process is based on focusing primarily on the medical words mentioned within the context of the content provided by clients such as pharmaceutical companies, healthcare entities, scientific research firms, and even laboratory or hospital researchers.

Yes! Medical translation is one service out of many services found at Leaders. Visit our Medical Translation Page for more information

The cost varies according to multiple factors such as the length of your document, the time it needs to be executed and translated, the research which forms the base of our medical translation service, and the needed technical expertise. We will consult with you thoroughly to offer you the best possible cost.

Leaders Translation Company primarily focuses on customer satisfaction. Our main goal is to stay true to your requests and special demands. Your guidelines are our number one driver; therefore, you can rest assured that any request you stress will be met perfectly.