WHO Needs Our Subtitling Translation?

Believe it or not, you are definitely from the individuals who need our subtitling translation services. For many reasons, people tend to prefer movies, videos, or series with an available subtitling option. Some of the individuals who might need our subtitling translation services, include:


If they want to watch documentaries and videos about how to improve in their career, they will need subtitles because they might not find everything they need in their native language.

Business owners

If they have a documentary or a video about the history, guidelines and/or policies of the company, and of course, nowadays, foreign employees are everywhere. They are going to need our subtitling translationservices too.


If you want to watch the ad of the new smartphone you want to buy, and it’s in another language, you will not understand the special features and upgrades unless there were accurate subtitles done by a professional company.

Deaf people

Deaf people who wish to watch a video, a movie, or a series not from their native country. There might always be captions available in the source language, but a deaf person who doesn’t understand the language should have the subtitling option available.

Language learners

Watching a video, a movie, or a series in the language you wish to learn and have the subtitling options available, will enhance the experience. Even if it were the other way around, if you were watching something in your native language and want to learn another language, you simply put the subtitles on in the language you wish to learn. Some of our translators have reported trying this technique, and the result was amazing!


If they want to watch something in another language they don’t understand, to see the culture, the beliefs, or the environment of another country, for a purpose related to a course they’re enrolled in. Of course they can simply read about any topic on the internet, but their experience will be enhanced if they use their visual sense as well.

WHY Are Our Subtitling Services and Captions
Translations Needed?

For many reasons, subtitling translation services are needed by many companies and individuals. And we’re sure that you’ve already used subtitling translation at one point in your life.

We’ll develop 3 cases where our subtitling translation services are needed:

WHO Are Our Superheros?

First, we’ll tell you more about our subtitlers, which might change your perspective. Before a linguist can join us at Leaders, they must undergo a rigorous series of tests to prove they have the mastery we demand. We have even went overboard and developed an in-house testing system called the Leaders Linguist Certification (LLC) program.Furthermore, all of our subtitlers meet the below criteria


We hire experienced and professional translators and subtitlers that we’re sure are capable of achieving the tasks we assign them successfully.


They master more than one language, and by mastering, we mean they are fluent, and are well informed about the cultural gaps between countries.


All of our subtitlers are fast and they always deliver the projects on time.

HOW Does Our Subtitling Services and Captions
Translation Work?

Our way
Each company has its own way of working and proceeding. At Leaders, we as well have our own way. Keep reading to know more about it:






We receive your project.


We send a quote.

Assign the task

We assign the task to the professional subtitler who has experience in the field.





We deliver the project on time.


Our professional team of proofreaders make sure that the content is well translated.

Get to work

Our chosen subtitler starts crafting.

We are not just any translation and subtitling company, we are THE right translation company. That’s all thanks to our special features that include:
Our language stock includes English, Hindi, Mandarin, Bengali, Russian, French, Turkish, Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and more.