For whom Our Certified Translation?

Everyone aged between 20-60 who need to translate their official documents. There’s no way you can find someone who doesn’t need our certified translation services, especially in this era of the digital world and globalization. We’ll elaborate more about who needs certified translation, don’t go yet:

Asylum seekers

This category needs to have all legal documents translated and certified to identify them. Asylum seekers might need to translate documents related to their nationality, legal documents stating their conditions, and more.


If they want to rent a property overseas, no matter the reason, they will need our certified translationfor the lease contract and everything this process requires because chances are they do not speak the same language as the landlord.


In the world of foreigners and international job opportunities, employees who apply for jobs abroad will need to have their documents translated and certified. These include tax documents, certifications, translation of their degree, and more.


Whether to apply for a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree, students will need a thorough certified translationof all their documents that include identification, previous grades, certifications, scholarships, and more. An accurate and notary translationis therefore necessary.

Business owners

They are the ones who need the certified translationthe most, thanks to the wide number of legal documents and contracts they come across. Business owners tend to use our certified translation servicesespecially if they wish to expand in other countries.


Immigrants with the intent to leave their nativecountries and settle down in another one need our certified translation servicesbecause the moving out process requires all their personal documents to be translated. These documents might include identifications, driver’s licenses, and more.

So, as you can see, nearly everyone needs our certified translation services at least once in their lifetime.

WHY Would You Need our Certified Translation Services?

For many reasons, subtitling translation services are needed by many companies and individuals. And we’re sure that you’ve already used subtitling translation at one point in your life.

WHO Are our Certified Translators?

Not so anonymous anymore…

A successful certified translator is the translator who can be trusted in any task and in any form of certified translation. This translator takes full responsibility for what he/she translated and certified. It might seem a complex task, but at Leaders, we do it differently. Our team of certified translators is unbeatable, and we dare you to find one small mistake in their work,
In case you want to put qualifications on our certified translators, then you might want to keep on reading. All of our certified translators meet the below criteria:


You can trust their work, since they are reliable, and they would never commit any mistakes that could have serious consequences.


All of our certified translators are professionals who have been in the business for quite some time. No amateurs found!


We know how urgent some certified translationsmight be. Don’t worry, just trust us, because our certified translators are fastand accurate.

HOW Does Our Certified Translation Work?

So, here comes the awaited section. How do we, at Leaders, take care of your projects?
We’ll tell you how we work in a synchronized way:






We receive the project.


We send you a quote.


We start carefully working on your project.





We remain at your service to answer all your questions.


We deliver, on time!


We have all of our projects proofread by a professional team of proofreaders.

At Leaders, your projects are handled with care. Our special features make us different from any other certified translation company. We’ll tell you why:
We’ll list you some of the languages we have in our stock: Arabic, German, English, French, Urdu, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Italina, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, and way, way more!

Curious about our certified translation services? Find all your answers here!

All of our specialists are professionals with proven expertise and competence. They have all passed our multi-staged tests, and they all have the required academic qualifications. They are all fast workers and they receive training every once in a while. Not to mention that they are from all parts of the world, which means that each works in the languages he/she really masters. This is beneficial when making the content suitable for the target audiences because all of our translators are aware of cultural differences and preferences. Also, every translator and writer at Leaders works within his/her fields of expertise.

Though documents can be translated by a friend or relative or notarized by someone with a notary seal, it is widely accepted that all legal documents must be certified to be accepted as true and unquestionable. That’s why you should refer to a specialized company to offer you an official translation of your documents.

One of the most delicate types of translation is certified translation. A certified translator must pay close attention to details because any mistake could land him or her in hot water. At Leaders, our certified translators can help you navigate your journey and expand your business into new markets. We translate and certify all types of official and legal documents. Our translation is recognized and certified all over the world. Our certified translator satisfies all the target country’s requirements.

A notary public must swear that the translator’s identity is true to notarize a translation. The affidavit is then signed and sealed by the notary public.

All our translators are certified translators and will guide you to a world full of languages where you can travel from one destination to another through our way of translation!

We have a team of professional and specialized translators and writers who can work on your document with the highest quality. Our team is experts in the fields of technical, legal, media, and medical translation, as well as expert writers and localizers.